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Our History

Earl Schmidt was introduced to the plumbing profession when he was just 10 years old when he began working as a shop boy for the “Lou Stevens Company” in Highland Heights, Kentucky. He continued to work there throughout the years and went out on plumbing jobs, as he got older. He began his first apprenticeship when he graduated from high school. He became a member of the Plumbers Local Union #59 in 1966. He worked for the “Lou Stevens Company” until it was sold to the “Kuempel Company” in 1970. He worked there for about 11 years until things got slow there and he decided to go into business on his own.


The E. C. Schmidt Plumbing Company officially started business in January 1981 in Alexandria, Kentucky. It started with one other plumbing employee at the time. The business was set up in the basement of our home. His wife, Deborah, did all the secretarial work and answered the phone. Our two young daughters, Shawna and Shelly, even worked with us helping us in the late hours of the night adding up estimates for bids and cleaning the office. In 1983 the name of the company was changed to E. C. Schmidt Plumbing Contractor, Inc. Earl Schmidt was the President of the company and his wife Deborah, was the Secretary/Treasurer.


Our oldest daughter, Shawna, officially started working full time for the company in 1988 answering phones and doing office work. Shawna married one of our plumbers, Len Kopp, in 1992. Both still work for the company. Even their two daughters helped out in the office while they were growing up.


On May 29, 1997 our company was selected as one of eight recipients of a “1996 Outstanding Subcontractor Award” from the Turner Construction Company. The nominations for the awards came from the jobsite staffs and were based upon overall job performance, considering pre-construction, managing, engineering, scheduling, expediting, quality of work, safety, relations with others, pricing, cooperation, and expertise in the plumbing field. E. C. Schmidt Plumbing Contractor, Inc was selected in particular for the work on the Toyota North American Headquarters renovation in Erlanger, Kentucky.


In July 2005, Earl Schmidt won a contest on Q-102’s radio station for the “Hottest Plumber” in the Tri-State area.


Our company now has an average of 15 to 20 employees and we are a member of the Plumbers and Pipefitters Local Union 392.

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